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Jorja's Story

Jorja Emerson was born with an extremely rare chromosome abnormality called a 1q43q44 deletion. This makes Jorja’s condition highly challenging in the field of medicine, because of the debilitating side effects, which include a very aggressive form of Intractable Epilepsy* resulting in multiple life-threatening seizures. Their severity

has meant many 999 emergency calls, and on two separate occasions saw Jorja had to be Ventilated in PICU to remain alive.

As if this was not enough, Jorja was later incorrectly diagnosed with a degenerative brain disease and her family was told that she was going to die, because there was nothing more that could be done.


* Intractable epilepsy is a seizure disorder in which a patient’s seizures fail to come under control with pharmacological treatment. These seizures are sometimes also called “uncontrolled” or “refractory, meaning medicine cannot help.


According to UK doctors, Jorja Emerson was at the end of her baby life.

Instead, 4 years after that diagnosis, Jorja is a thriving and beautiful young girl living at home in the UK. Why and how can this be?

Many reasons, all of which begin with the human story of

unlimited love of her family. And her father’s discovery of the power of one of our most ancient medicinal plants to give Jorja previously unattainable quality of life.


The Jorja Foundation is Jorja’s ongoing story and it can be yours too.

The Jorja Foundation

The Jorja Foundation 5 key main Objectives.


  1. To fund potentially life saving Medical Cannabis treatments.

  2. To fund Medical Trials and Clinical Research in medical cannabis.

  3. To fund Private medical appointments including medical tests and scans that are not available or are unattainable on the NHS 

  4. To fund special needs and medical equipment not provided by the NHS or Occupational health

  5. To fund family counselling during life changing circumstances such as a terminal diagnosis or a rare or life changing disease. 


Please donate below and help families directly in the United Kingdom. You could be part of providing life saving treatment in giving a child like Jorja ‘Hope’

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